Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mental war ???

Sigh! Today is the first meeting. N today jugakla I demam. Perhaps takut nak dpt workload for 2011...or sebab lately I slept at 4a.m watching dvd with mylocx. Besela nak tunggu sofea tido dulu. Hehe. I got high fever, runny nose n sore throat. What a great combo rite? Sabar effa, sabar. Huhu.

Let me share some good news. I'll be teaching science next year. Finally,...my option! After 2 years. Huhu. Plus, i'm going to evening session. So once in a while adala chance la nak bangun lambat.kihkih. And, I will have my own desk. Yes believe it or not, kitorang ni before this terpaksa share meja ok sesi pg n ptg. This year barula depa2 tu nak bukak mata nak bagi kitorang convenient sket. Syukurla kan.

Sory sofea..today mommy xmain ngan sofea sgt. Coz i'm not feeling well. Syian anak mommy.

Please mommy. Get well soon:'(


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zuana's dear diary said...

alhamdulillah akhirnyer dpt gak ajar sains.. do ur job well yer pn effa =))

farahana said...

thank you=)..insyaallah.