Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home & Design


This is home & design-related entry. It's for our future reference.

Hmm.. we've gone for a little tour to our future house. Like i said, it's not a new house. Quite old actually. Hehe. So we're not that surprise if the house is not welcoming at all. Frankly said, there are quite a lot of things need to be done. Hmm...remodeling i would say.

The things i hate and wish i could get rid of them once n for all:

- The parquet floor on the stairs n upstairs.

- The bathroom doors, and old mangkuk tandas.

- The upstairs and kitchen windows. (Dun ask me why.haha)

- The paint of the interior.

- The old kitchen cabinet.

- Dan...... pokok mangga besar depan rumah.hahahaha..

Ok enough of those things. Hopefully we can do something about it and the concern now is the budget. We'll see how it goes later.

About the stairs....i have a few options in mind. I love these...

Sometimes people overlook the stairs but it actually can affect the look of the interior of the house. I love hardwood flooring for stairs but it's costly, so i guess laminated flooring probably the good option.

To make the ideas come to life......we gotta get creative. Huhh.. this probably the hardest part? Maybe?


Friday, June 10, 2011

happy birthday to ME =p=p=p

Oh thank you thank you for all the wishes guyz~

I'm officially 26th now....huhu.

And thanx to my dear locx.... for these........

(sekadar gambar hiasan...=p)

Truly relaxing..


new set of jamu coz yang lama dah nak habis..;)

..and for everything...

your love is more than anything i could ask for..

love you..


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pinjaman PTPTN...dah habis bayar?

Yes I dah habis bayar...alhamdulillah..

Ala..sebab pinjaman dulu pun 3K lebih je. Lepas tu dah dapat biasiswa perguruan KPM.

But apepun, memang lega dah habis bayar hutang ni..

Sebab lagi lambat langsai...lagi bertambah pulak jumlah nak bayar utk kos pentadbiran. Tensen tol!

Dan kita kena ingat..agama kita sangat menuntut pengikutnya menyegerakan bayar hutang...biarlah cepat2 habis bayar drpd dok shopping tak tentu hala. Hehe.


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Thursday, June 2, 2011

When grandma meets pool:-P

My parents was coming to my house n planning to spend aa few days here.

This evening, my mom was very excited to bring sofea to the swimming pool.

And when my mom got into the water, she's swimming like crazy..though not a good swimmer.hahah. Oh she's the one who's wearing that grey hijab. The one with the orange hijab is my bibik.hehe.

Sebaiklah splash2 sekejap je. Kang ada yang kena marah ngan pak gad pasal tak pakai proper outfit. Kalau setakat bawak or guide kids swimming tak pe pakai biasa2 je masuk air..tapi kalau nak swimming or spend lama2 dalam air kena pakai swim suit.huhu.

Btw, my mom rasa geram sebab dah tak selincah dulu bila swimming.hehe. It's ok mom..yg penting puas hati dapat berendam dalam pool n main2 ngan sofea.hahah..


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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The best online trading portal/facility in Malaysia

Ok..this is stock-related entry.

Just wanna list down some of the best online trading facility in malaysia based on my research on the internet. It's just in random order.

1. HLe-broking

2. OSK

3. Apexetrade

4. iTradeCIMB

5. Jupiter

6. Hmm...any other recommendations? ;p

I'm planning to play the stock game first as a learning process. So far, i got a few options but still not making any decisions. CIMB stock game perhaps? Oh and here are the options:

1. itradeCIMB stock game

2. OSK 188 stock game

3. MBB stock game