Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mental war ???

Sigh! Today is the first meeting. N today jugakla I demam. Perhaps takut nak dpt workload for 2011...or sebab lately I slept at 4a.m watching dvd with mylocx. Besela nak tunggu sofea tido dulu. Hehe. I got high fever, runny nose n sore throat. What a great combo rite? Sabar effa, sabar. Huhu.

Let me share some good news. I'll be teaching science next year. Finally,...my option! After 2 years. Huhu. Plus, i'm going to evening session. So once in a while adala chance la nak bangun lambat.kihkih. And, I will have my own desk. Yes believe it or not, kitorang ni before this terpaksa share meja ok sesi pg n ptg. This year barula depa2 tu nak bukak mata nak bagi kitorang convenient sket. Syukurla kan.

Sory sofea..today mommy xmain ngan sofea sgt. Coz i'm not feeling well. Syian anak mommy.

Please mommy. Get well soon:'(


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Friday, December 24, 2010

Most popular YouTube videos of all time

Korang suka tengok YouTube?

Suka eh... so do i. Hehe. I was bored. So, I've made some research on the most popular youtube videos of all time. And here, let me share it with you=)..

Latest updates: Let's take a look at number 1. Who else kan? Kalau bukan the heartbreaker Justin Bieber - Baby. This is the first youtube video to pass 400 million views. Wow! It's Bieber millennium huh?

Next, the most daring artist i would say ~ Lady Gaga- Bad Romance. I like this song and the video clip is very unique n somehow quite disturbing =p

Ha.. those two are popular artists rite? Now, let's take a look at the most popular video for ordinary people. I mean bukan yang glemer2 cam artis la. You have to see this coz over 250 million views ok.

Charlie bit my finger - again ! (very2 funny and cute!)

Next, with over 160 million views............ Evolution of Dance - by Judson Laipply.
And seriously, this guy deserves some kind of award. Don't u think? Awesome!

Hmm..cukupla kan. Yang lain2 tu u olls boleh google sendiri. hehe. Today's Christmas day rite? So Merry Christmas to those yang beragama Christian. Malasla plak nak outing harini. Sure ramai giler orang kan? =p


Sofea & the toothbrush

Wee!!.......... Dah mula tunjuk skill gosok gigi..=p

I bought the toothbrush (Stage 1) last month if i'm not mistaken. I'm a bit regret sebab tak start beli time Sofea 2 bulan. Oh do you know that kita boleh gosok gusi / gigi baby kita as early as 2 months old? Too bad i discovered the fact when sofea was already 1 year old. Huhu. But never mind. I guess it's never too late huh?

It's not easy when you want your active 1 year old baby to follow your instruction. Of course i need to be the toothbrush model...showing her how to use it and trying to brush her teeth afterwards. Most of the times, it's just didn't work out. She would just held the brush tightly in her grip and refused to open her mouth at all. But i thought it's just a matter of time and patience. So i make it as her fun routine...showing her excitedly how to work with that toothbrush. She always laughed heartily looking at my clown action. =p
Sometimes, she's willingly open her mouth and let me brush her teeth though for a very short time.

And today, after taking bath, when i said "Brush your teeth," she definitely reacted to that and put the brush in her mouth and move it back and forth. Hehe. She halted for a second and continue brushing her teeth again. I'm so proud of her.

Hmm. Stage 1 brush ni boleh guna dari 2 bulan sampai 2 tahun. Even belum ada gigi, mothers dah boleh beruskan lidah n gusi baby. Very gently of course. I terfikir pasal berus gigi ni sebab tengok sofea dah boleh makan variety of foods. So kalau tak jaga from now, nanti besar it's gonna be a problem. Ye kan?


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sofea & the Newspaper


Yesterday my parents were coming over. Sofea, excited as usual, tailing her grandparents everywhere, n sibuk nak join apa yang depa buat. Hehe.

Just now when my mom was reading the newspaper, she innocently took n turned the pages without even looking at my mom. She seemed so  focused as if she really reads them. Haha. Sebaikla tak main koyak2 paper.

Hmm..pmr result will be out tomorrow. My little bro was so anxious about that. And today, he kept telling me how scared he was for I dunno how how many times. And obviously I need to go to school tomorrow coz i'm a form 3 class teacher this year. Perhaps i'll be the one who handing them the results. Huh! I hope I can stand the crying or dissappointment. And surely i'll be glad if they make it through.


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Monday, December 20, 2010

::The coolest Skin Wash ever::

...is CNI Skin Wash 1B.

Well, at least for me. Hehe. I've tried many products before but certainly this is the coolest and the most suitable product for my skin. I've used it for 4 - 5 years if i'm not mistaken. It's quite expensive but it's worth every penny =). Oh dia ada 1A and 1B. 1A is for normal skin type. 1B is for sensitive type. I guna 1B coz i ada small acne sket2 kat muka.

Please dun get me wrong. I bukan agen CNI yg nak promote barang ye.. haha. My mom yg beli kat kawan dia. Yup memang all this while pun mak i yg belikan skin wash tu=p. Clearly, muka i ni memang suka dengan type tu je. Kalau yang lain, macam a bit uncomfortable la. Kulit dah serasi dgn yang tu, nak wat cane kan. Hmm..so far, i pakai skin wash, skin balance (utk letak kat acne kalau ada), n skin vital (sunscreen). I like the sunscreen so much..as if wearing a light foundation.

Haihh..the holiday is almost over. I resist myself to think about work but that's probably not a good thing. I'm sure i'll be more depress if i continue to behave this way. Huhu. I'd better work it on to not let me be in my comfort zone as i have a challenging months ahead. First months of school session. What do u expect? Fuhh..I can already imagine the chaos. Totally a nightmare!

So what is the first step? Perhaps i should do some revision on science subject. Dah bapo kali den ajak mylocx pergi Pustaka Rakyat tu tak berkesempatan jugak. Nak search online boleh jugak tapi alahh boringnye dek oi. Sometimes when i watched CLEVER on TvIQ i 'm a little excited to make it as one of the teaching materials. Tapi time tu ajela.. Lepaih2 tu habuk pun tada=p. And i'm too absorbed with Twilight books rite now. Oh what a lame excuse. Penyakit malas ni adalah penyakit paling berbahaya. Haha.

Mindset effa..mindset! Orang kata kalau awal2 dah fikir teruk... negative effect la jawabnya. n vice versa. Betul ek? Rasanya mcm dah byk kali fikir positif pun effect nya tak positif jugak. Ah apo apo lah kak limah oiii!


Sunday, December 19, 2010


Perhaps those who live in Ampang know this place quite well. It's not like high class restaurant or what..infact sangat sempoi je macam makan kat warung. But the food is delicious n cheap! Yand penting, tak kedekut. Highly recommended. Hehe.

I dined out with mylocx last night. N it's full house as usual. Thankfully they've renovated the place n make it bigger n provide more tables n chairs for the customers. N guess what, it attracts more crowds than it's used to.

I ordered nasi goreng daging merah n abc while mylocx ordered nasi goreng kampung n fresh apple. Dapat gelas besar ok. Nasi pun banyak. N the total-RM14.80. Manala tak ramai org. Haha.

Ops..sofea dah start being curious as always. Looking at mommy typing something using the hp. N mulala nak tengok n godek2 hp jugak. Hehe.

Later, daa.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Philips Soundbar / Home Theather System

Hmm..mylocx has been craving for this for quite a while. And yesterday, we managed to buy the Philips Soundbar HTS6120 with slight difficulty. (The transportation and all coz kitorang angkut bawa balik sendiri from Harvey Norman kat IKEA. Trust me, you don't wanna know=p).

Well, if you ask me, i absolutely have a very little idea of all these home theater system..When he starts speaking of the technical parts, i'm just paying little attention =p

However, after i see and experience it for the first time, i feel a little more excited than usual. Hehe. Memang rasa ala2 cinematic experience la sket kan. To those of you who wanna more about the specification and all, here's some of the information i got..=p

1. Ambisound technology for surround sound from fewer speakers

Ambisound technology produces truly embracing multi-channel surround sound from fewer speakers. It delivers an immersive 5.1 sound experience without the constraints of sitting position, room shape or size, and without the clutter of multiple speakers and cables. Through the combined effect of psychoacoustic phenomena, array processing and precisely angled driver positioning, Ambisound delivers more sound from fewer speakers.

2. DoubleBASS technology for fuller and deeper bass

DoubleBASS ensures you hear even the deepest bass tones from compact-sized subwoofers. It captures low frequencies and recreates them in the audible range of the subwoofer - delivering sound with more boom and panache, and ensuring you a full, uncompromised listening experience. (You know, this is the first time heard of subwoofers=p)

3. Fullsound™ to bring MP3 music to life

Philips' innovative FullSound technology faithfully restores sonic details to compressed MP3 music, dramatically enriching and enhancing it, so you can experience CD music without any distortion. Based on an audio post-processing algorithm, FullSound combines Philips' renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of the latest generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The result is fuller bass with more depth and impact, boosted voice and instrument clarity, and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed MP3 music in true-to-life sound that will touch your soul and move your feet.

4. Enjoy all movies and music from CD and DVD

5. EasyLink controls all EasyLink products with a single remote

EasyLink lets you control multiple devices with one remote. It uses HDMI CEC industry-standard protocol to share functionality between devices through the HDMI cable. With one touch of a button, you can operate all your connected HDMI CEC enabled equipment simultaneously. Functions like standby and play can now be carried out with absolute ease.

Hmm... cool isn't it?Let me add something. This SoundBar is also designed to enhance our living space especially who lives in apartment or condo. Coz ada 2 ketul je pun. Si panjang dan si kotak. Hehe. Very classy and elegant. I like it. Plus, one of the major reason is that sofea is getting more active each day. So kalau guna SoundBar ni boleh gantung kat dinding kan..and subwoofer yang seketul tu bolehla letak kat tv cabinet kan. So tak yahla menyemak dengan multiple speakers and cables. Sometimes, mcm cool jugak banyak2 speakers tu tapi kalau ada ada anak kecik, tak yah berangans laaa.=p Unless if you want it to be one of your kid's toys. That's entirely a different story. Haha.

My favorite part?

Certainly the elegant sliding door in glass. Hehe. Very2 awesome! Haihh..tak tido malam la layan movie camni.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Are we worse than animals?

Well, i read the news.

It's a woman..being stabbed 19 times (19 times okeh!!!) and poured with acid in addition. How inhuman it's sound isn't it?

She's in coma now. I dunno if i'm praying her to live or die.

Reason i said that?

She's being splashed with acid........what do you expect? Habis melecur la kan muka, badan, tangan bagai. N she's stabbed brutally. 19 times! What was the man thinking? Oh yes.. the man/lelaki binatang tu is 44 years old n she's only 17. Investigation showed the attack is triggered by jealousy. I'm so speechless. I'm beginning to imagine if i'm the girl..what do i wish for if i tersedar daripada koma. Wishing to live or wishing to die?

Of course as a Muslim, we've been thought to be patient and always pray to Allah and seek for His guidance and all. And in her case, i'm certain it is NOT without difficulty. (If she lives). If she dies, then i think she doesn't have to suffer any longer.

What happened with us nowadays? We've been so cruel and sometimes i think we're a lot more worse than animals. Well at least, animals kill by instinct. And it's their nature to do that in order to survive. But us? Human ? We've a mind. The greatest and the most wonderful gift from Allah. Akai ada ka?

Oh btw, the man surrender himself to the police. Tau pulak ko nak serah diri ek? Well, too late to and too bad for you as you have to bear with the regret forever! Not to mention balasan di akhirat ye encik.

Jealousy? My oh my...

lack of passion??


What do you think?

Well, about my new look. Emm..specifically my blog's new look.

Actually, doesn't matter what you think. I think it's good for my eyes. The previous one is simply childish so i decided to change. Ala, kan dah nak 2011. Ecehhh!

Hmm..talking about 2011, i'm surprised at how low motivated i am to face the next year. (to be honest, i'm thinking of my career path rite now).Yes i've to be grateful i've a job to do. But the thing is, i still have very little passion for it. I don't think i like my job rite now. But deep down, i really wanna make it fun. I'll find some ways. Soon..i hope.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

being a mother..

I'm crazy.

Of Twilight Saga books. Ok let's not talk about twilight coz later u've to make me stop. Besides..am sooo ketinggalan kan. Haha. Like i care.

It's just that, it seems hard for me to focus on something else when i haven't finished reading the books. So i guess i have to speed up. It annoys me sometimes bila i macam too absorbed dgn buku sampai tak berapa nak fokus main dgn sofea. But i'm so desperately wanna finish the book. It's so different now when you are a mother. Tak boleh la suka2 buat perangai macam orang tak de anak kan? Somehow i'm so grateful i ada bibik yang boleh diharap so i can still find time for myself.

Sofea can speak in her own words now.Babababa..mamamama..emememe...pahh..dah pandai hulur2 botol or makanan kalau dia nak minum/makan, always cannot wait to take a bath (seriously loves water), wanna eat whatever we we're eating, suka ambil baju buat2 mcm nak pakai tudung, ambil key n jalan sampai pintu (konon2 nak keluar rumahla), tak keruan bila daddy n mommy dah pakai complete mcm nak keluar rumah, asyik nak daddy dukung bila outing, likes watching video clip Maher Zain, dah pandai salam n cium tangan, dah pandai kissing (ops.haha). etc etc etc.

But she has one problem so far. I dunno if it's normal for toddlers to sleep around 12-1 a.m in the morning. Sangat lambat ok nak tunggu dia ngantuk. Haihh. Sometimes it's getting on my nerves n tak pasal2 mommy yg getting upset sebab ngantuk. I admit i've lack of patience when i'm sleepy or in pain (menstrual pain for example). n i totally regret it.

Kadang tidur sekejap dia tiba2 terjaga n nangis2 nak dukung. I yg dah terlelap-lelap ni of cozla take time nak compose myself kan. By that time, it's too late sebab she's getting more upset n crying badly. Thankfully mylocx yg keje night shift kat rumah ni is being helpful n mulalah dukung2 sofea n tawaf dalam rumah. N i get a very bad habit of showing my temper kat mylocx instead. (yang mulanya upset sbb ngantuk n bila i dukung sofea tak mau benti nangis)..
n as soon as i've done it, i felt so guilty n regretting it. Haihh. It's tough job being a mom i would say.

N of coz if i'm in a conscious state of mind..i always remind myself not to behave that way again. It took all my patience to get up every 3 or 4 times in the middle of the night to feed her or to comfort her. There's no a good night sleep for me except for once in a while. That's y i prefer breastfeed her n lying beside her rather than getting up to do whatever i've to do to bottle-feed her. But sometimes she doesn't seem to get enough breast milk that i've to feed her with formula. It's not always predictable u know, being a mother.

ahh enough of those mother talks. I'm in holiday mode now. Yes i'm soo enjoying it as i dun have to worry about works n schools n students bla bla bla. Those are the major cause of my stress. Haha. What? Dun bother telling me about integrity whatsoever. I'm a human n gimme a break. Not a vampire or something.( Ha sudahh..influence of twilight sudah mariii).

Besides, i don't think i'm good at coping with stress...even though people r telling me otherwise. Whatever.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Eagle Ranch Resort

Dalam bas..baru nak bertolak.

This is Bandwagon. This is where we're staying.

Our room..BW28.

In the room..ada attic.bawah 2 beds. Kalo nak sleep upstairs boleh request mattress.

In the room. I took pix from the attic.

View from the attic.

The attic.

Me in the room.

Me n maya.

Go-kart anyone?haha.i action je lebih.

The main pool.kami buat BBQ kat situ.best sangat.

This is where my kursus induksi took place. Frankly, everything ran smoothly. Cuma memang agak exhausted n xde time nak enjoy2 sgt pun. Ceramah ceramah ceramah. But yg bestnya food n place mmg awesome lah.;-)

I dok sebilik ngan my bestie tp malam2 mylocx fetched me from Tiara beach resort yg jaraknya 5 minutes je naik kereta. Oh yes mylocx, sofea, MIL, SIL pun ikut gi pd cuma bilik yg mylocx interested kat eagle ranch dah fully booked. So dokla kat tiara.

Senang citer, dah habis aktiviti malam tu mylocx jemput n send me back pukul 7 esoknya.hehe.

Really hope I lulus la induksi ni. Tak sempatla nak horse riding ke, archery ke, paintball ke, beach valleyball ke, go kart ke.haha.oh tp time balik tu my friends adela main go kart. I mls so I ambil gambar je. N I bought some souvenirs la kan for kenangan.

So now, I dah boleh start baca Twilight books. Ok I tau I dah ketinggalan tp it's never too late. I believe buku mesti lagi bes drpd movie.

Sofea now dah suka jalan. Asyik berjalan tak benti2.hehe. Jalan dah laju tapi still belum bape nak stable.

Hmm k..sini ada some pix kat the resort.


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's 8.30 in the morning. I'm sitting on the bed watching both of my beloved ones sleeping. Kejap lagi I dah nak siap2 utk pergi PD. Ala, so berat hati la nak pergi. Huhu.

Sofea sofea..nanti jangan cranky n sedih time mommy takde. Kejap je mommy pergi. Mommy mesti rindu gler kat sofea.

And to mylocx, i'm gonna miss u too:-)..Look after sofea so atleast dia xde la rindu mommy sangat coz ada daddy.

Hmm..sebaik la 3 hari okeh. Kalo tak pengsan. I tinggal nak buat last checking for my checklist, take a shower, put on a little make up, n ready to go. I dah breakfast tadi.

Sofea nanti kena mandi n breakfast ngan bibik ye.

Wish me luck.


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Salam maal hijrah

Musim demam ek sekarang..i baru je baik drpd cold fever.4 hari i demam.alhamdulillah sekarang dah ok tinggal coughing sket2. Fyi,i nak pergi kursus induksi esok. Kat Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson.

Hmm assignment utk esok dah settle. Packing baru halfway. Aihh malasnya. So sad nak berenggang ngan Sofea. Huhu.

Oh ye. Salam Maal Hijrah to all muslims out there:-)

Azam? Hm entahla. Too blur to think. I have many I guess. Haha. Of coursela I wanna be a better person inside out. Generally la. A better muslim, a better daughter, wife, mommy, teacher, friend n neighbour. But it's never gonna be easy. Life is always about challenge n all I can do is trying to cope with it.  Kena selalu betulkan niat n surround myself with good people.

Have you watched Rapunzel? I dah tengok last weekend. What a very lovely love story<3 Kalau belum tengok, u have to watch it. Hehe.


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