Friday, December 24, 2010

Sofea & the toothbrush

Wee!!.......... Dah mula tunjuk skill gosok gigi..=p

I bought the toothbrush (Stage 1) last month if i'm not mistaken. I'm a bit regret sebab tak start beli time Sofea 2 bulan. Oh do you know that kita boleh gosok gusi / gigi baby kita as early as 2 months old? Too bad i discovered the fact when sofea was already 1 year old. Huhu. But never mind. I guess it's never too late huh?

It's not easy when you want your active 1 year old baby to follow your instruction. Of course i need to be the toothbrush model...showing her how to use it and trying to brush her teeth afterwards. Most of the times, it's just didn't work out. She would just held the brush tightly in her grip and refused to open her mouth at all. But i thought it's just a matter of time and patience. So i make it as her fun routine...showing her excitedly how to work with that toothbrush. She always laughed heartily looking at my clown action. =p
Sometimes, she's willingly open her mouth and let me brush her teeth though for a very short time.

And today, after taking bath, when i said "Brush your teeth," she definitely reacted to that and put the brush in her mouth and move it back and forth. Hehe. She halted for a second and continue brushing her teeth again. I'm so proud of her.

Hmm. Stage 1 brush ni boleh guna dari 2 bulan sampai 2 tahun. Even belum ada gigi, mothers dah boleh beruskan lidah n gusi baby. Very gently of course. I terfikir pasal berus gigi ni sebab tengok sofea dah boleh makan variety of foods. So kalau tak jaga from now, nanti besar it's gonna be a problem. Ye kan?


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Elin said...

hai..lama tak jenguk cni.Wina pun pki toothbrush cam sofea. W/pun start awal brush teeth tetap susah bila nk berus gg tiap2 pg..huhuhu.

farahana said...

hi elin..
o bagusla start awal..a ah bukan senang nak gosokkan gigi baby kan?
kena struggle abes.haha.
hmm wina pun dah besar dah...mesti suka jalan xbenti2 kan?hehe.