Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kick-ass ::happy new year::

Ok..long time no entry. I really wanna blog. Well, i was so ill the last few days. Not sure why lately senang sangat nak demam. I xgi doctor pun. Just a few panadols. But my temperature was high. 39 degree C. Today i feel a lot better. Thankfully sofea tak berjangkit ngan i this time coz i restrict her from drinking my breastmilk. Normally kalau dia minum time i was burning hot camtu, the fever sets in.

So..happy new year to all readers. I wasn't going anywhere on new year's night. But as usual, i watched the fireworks from my window with mylocx. Romantikus aihh?? No, not in that sense. We're not watcing it like the a bunch of in-love teenagers. He captured video using his dslr camera, while i captured using my hp. That's all. Then, after bringing sofea to sleep in our room, we watched dvd together. What? Love story? Oh no no...he's not into that. Guess what? We're watching Kick-ass instead. Apekebendenye tuh? It's action movie. Very nice i would say n agak ganas. N i laughed most of the time watching it. Hilarious ok. But it's just not my thing. That's all my review. Hahaha. I 've been hoping to watch romantic comedy or romance movie with mylocx but guess it's just not gonna happen. Well, adala dulu2 tapi leh kira ngan jari ok. Kan best kalau tengok sama2 movie The Notebook ke kan, P/s I love You ke kan..haha. Maybe he feels like vomiting tengok cite2 camtu but y dun give his wife a treat once in a while rite? Ops okla, baruje tengok Twilight series (my pick!) but mostly tengok yang ikut taste dia je. I still have the feminine side in me ok..=p

I feel anxious. Tomorrow da start school session for 2011. I feel quite excited coz i dah dapat ajar science. Looking at the topis which i've to teach... ahh! Peace in mind. Coz u know. That's exactly my thing. Senses, world around us, food, body, environment, y this n y that..etc etc etc. But at the same time, i'm nervous. Fresh teachers sokmo camni kot? Tak hilang2 nervous tu kalau awal tahun ok. Its killing me. Huh. Wish me luck then.


happy new year kay=)


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