Friday, December 24, 2010

Most popular YouTube videos of all time

Korang suka tengok YouTube?

Suka eh... so do i. Hehe. I was bored. So, I've made some research on the most popular youtube videos of all time. And here, let me share it with you=)..

Latest updates: Let's take a look at number 1. Who else kan? Kalau bukan the heartbreaker Justin Bieber - Baby. This is the first youtube video to pass 400 million views. Wow! It's Bieber millennium huh?

Next, the most daring artist i would say ~ Lady Gaga- Bad Romance. I like this song and the video clip is very unique n somehow quite disturbing =p

Ha.. those two are popular artists rite? Now, let's take a look at the most popular video for ordinary people. I mean bukan yang glemer2 cam artis la. You have to see this coz over 250 million views ok.

Charlie bit my finger - again ! (very2 funny and cute!)

Next, with over 160 million views............ Evolution of Dance - by Judson Laipply.
And seriously, this guy deserves some kind of award. Don't u think? Awesome!

Hmm..cukupla kan. Yang lain2 tu u olls boleh google sendiri. hehe. Today's Christmas day rite? So Merry Christmas to those yang beragama Christian. Malasla plak nak outing harini. Sure ramai giler orang kan? =p



Anonymous said...

charlie bite me tu ada byk version kn...

bru je follow blog ni...huhu

farahana said...

a ah..hehe.tapi yang bite me again tu yg plg top xsilap.=)