Friday, September 12, 2008

bad boys??!

OMG!..who doesn't love these two winchester boys on tv.i love to watch supernatural and one of the major reasons is to watch these two hot 'bad boys'..They appeared to me as bad boys with a good heart on tv. why do most women love bad boys?

I am still hopelessly attracted to boys who don't play by the rules. It's not about bad boys in the criminal sense of term though.. I'm talking about that special type of guy who lives by the law but not by the rules. He's a guy whose lust for life is exceeded only by his lust for independence,.. and that make him attractive in the deepest possible way.
I'm not alone i guess...Practically any girl who has had the pleasure of dating a bad boy will tell you that no good boy can give you the same feeling of being hopelessly in love.hehe..not to mention if they possessed a good look like sam n dean..well it's jared n jensen. i know.that's really a bonus.
I think that bad boys are always challenging and they are so resistent to any kind of manipulation.. And because of that reason, they are uniquely attractive to us...and very sexy.
You may wonder if i'm speaking through experience.well, let it be my secret though.haha.nothing personal's just my opinion and somehow, as a girl/woman..we can naturally classified good boys and bad boys based on our own criteria.(which is diverse from one woman to another).However, that doesn't mean being a good boy is bad..
Bad boys don't remain bad boys forever..(hopefully). They can be very good at heart even though they don't seem to show it.Well again, like sam n dean..always saving each other in the end .Whatever it is..not all bad boys are good, and vice-versa..we still gotta be picky though..;p..Hearts over minds..or minds over hearts?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Until now, it's unbelievable to think that i'm engaged..Well, i'm merely 23 years old..not that i wanna say i'm unhappy..i'm truly happy.I am. It's just the status is now different and sooner or later, my life will be different too..entering a new life of the way..engagement ceremony..It's a one of a kind experience that i'll be glad to share with you. In our Malay society, before marriage, usually a couple will go through the engagement ceremony first. Engagement in Malay is called “Bertunang”. The period for engagement usually vary from six months to 3 years.

It's really really fun driving the car with my best friends from Kuala lumpur to my hometown (for my engagement ceremony of course). It's 30th of May and we're heading to Sg. Besar with a lot of luggage;p..(for only 3days). We can't stay long considering that we're in the middle of teaching practice (yes we gonna be teachers). We were singing and eating and making jokes and laughing hilariously in the car (i supposed to drive carefully i know). It's one of the best moments ever!
On the day of the engagement (31st of May 2008), the future bride..which is me..;p... dressed in my best cloth (which i rented). A group of my future groom’s family members were coming over to my home at the pre-arranged time (8.30pm.). Usually the future groom do not tagged along but he's coming and waited until the ceremony was over

His family came laden with trays of gifts which then be placed in the centre of the hall. Their theme color are purple and pink..(his mom's favourite) while my family side had chosen green and white for our gifts. The engagement ceremony began with recitation of prayers, a formal introduction of both sides, a discussion on the agreement of how long the period of the engagement will be, the confirmation of the amount for the “mas kahwin” (marriage fee or dowry) and the number of gifts to be exchanged, these gifts we called it the “hantaran”.

Normally, once the details have been agreed upon, an elderly woman from the future groom’s side will then place a ring on the future bride’s finger. In my case, his grandmother. I was quite nervous that my heart's pounding and my hands trembling a little. She then slided the ring into my finger and kissed me on the head. I can't exactly describe what i felt at the moment. Hehe. Then there was exchange of the gifts from both parties followed by supplication made as a form of thanksgiving. The meal time has come!..We ate and ate and ate..and took a lot of pics of course!

I felt so relieved when everything was over..The next day we had to go back to KL. Since that moment, my status was automatically changed to 'engaged!'...

~Just engaged~