Friday, December 17, 2010

lack of passion??


What do you think?

Well, about my new look. Emm..specifically my blog's new look.

Actually, doesn't matter what you think. I think it's good for my eyes. The previous one is simply childish so i decided to change. Ala, kan dah nak 2011. Ecehhh!

Hmm..talking about 2011, i'm surprised at how low motivated i am to face the next year. (to be honest, i'm thinking of my career path rite now).Yes i've to be grateful i've a job to do. But the thing is, i still have very little passion for it. I don't think i like my job rite now. But deep down, i really wanna make it fun. I'll find some ways. Soon..i hope.



Kaseh NazLieza said...

keep blogging dear..=))

effa said...

thanx dear=)