Friday, December 17, 2010

Are we worse than animals?

Well, i read the news.

It's a woman..being stabbed 19 times (19 times okeh!!!) and poured with acid in addition. How inhuman it's sound isn't it?

She's in coma now. I dunno if i'm praying her to live or die.

Reason i said that?

She's being splashed with acid........what do you expect? Habis melecur la kan muka, badan, tangan bagai. N she's stabbed brutally. 19 times! What was the man thinking? Oh yes.. the man/lelaki binatang tu is 44 years old n she's only 17. Investigation showed the attack is triggered by jealousy. I'm so speechless. I'm beginning to imagine if i'm the girl..what do i wish for if i tersedar daripada koma. Wishing to live or wishing to die?

Of course as a Muslim, we've been thought to be patient and always pray to Allah and seek for His guidance and all. And in her case, i'm certain it is NOT without difficulty. (If she lives). If she dies, then i think she doesn't have to suffer any longer.

What happened with us nowadays? We've been so cruel and sometimes i think we're a lot more worse than animals. Well at least, animals kill by instinct. And it's their nature to do that in order to survive. But us? Human ? We've a mind. The greatest and the most wonderful gift from Allah. Akai ada ka?

Oh btw, the man surrender himself to the police. Tau pulak ko nak serah diri ek? Well, too late to and too bad for you as you have to bear with the regret forever! Not to mention balasan di akhirat ye encik.

Jealousy? My oh my...


Zulfahmi Abidin said...

i just heard this news just now.this is really cruel because she is pregnant.damn..

effa said...

yeah that's right.
manusia semakin kejam kan?
i felt so sorry for the victim=(

Anonymous said...

So sad :-( laa dgn tragedy nie...mintak2 dijauhkan and x berlaku lagi...