Sunday, December 19, 2010


Perhaps those who live in Ampang know this place quite well. It's not like high class restaurant or what..infact sangat sempoi je macam makan kat warung. But the food is delicious n cheap! Yand penting, tak kedekut. Highly recommended. Hehe.

I dined out with mylocx last night. N it's full house as usual. Thankfully they've renovated the place n make it bigger n provide more tables n chairs for the customers. N guess what, it attracts more crowds than it's used to.

I ordered nasi goreng daging merah n abc while mylocx ordered nasi goreng kampung n fresh apple. Dapat gelas besar ok. Nasi pun banyak. N the total-RM14.80. Manala tak ramai org. Haha.

Ops..sofea dah start being curious as always. Looking at mommy typing something using the hp. N mulala nak tengok n godek2 hp jugak. Hehe.

Later, daa.

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farahana said...

that's y la kan..area kl ni mana la dapat yg murah n sedap camtu=p said...

mcm best je tmpt ni.. nk g gak la. hehe