Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sofea & the Newspaper


Yesterday my parents were coming over. Sofea, excited as usual, tailing her grandparents everywhere, n sibuk nak join apa yang depa buat. Hehe.

Just now when my mom was reading the newspaper, she innocently took n turned the pages without even looking at my mom. She seemed so  focused as if she really reads them. Haha. Sebaikla tak main koyak2 paper.

Hmm..pmr result will be out tomorrow. My little bro was so anxious about that. And today, he kept telling me how scared he was for I dunno how how many times. And obviously I need to go to school tomorrow coz i'm a form 3 class teacher this year. Perhaps i'll be the one who handing them the results. Huh! I hope I can stand the crying or dissappointment. And surely i'll be glad if they make it through.


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