Monday, December 20, 2010

::The coolest Skin Wash ever:: CNI Skin Wash 1B.

Well, at least for me. Hehe. I've tried many products before but certainly this is the coolest and the most suitable product for my skin. I've used it for 4 - 5 years if i'm not mistaken. It's quite expensive but it's worth every penny =). Oh dia ada 1A and 1B. 1A is for normal skin type. 1B is for sensitive type. I guna 1B coz i ada small acne sket2 kat muka.

Please dun get me wrong. I bukan agen CNI yg nak promote barang ye.. haha. My mom yg beli kat kawan dia. Yup memang all this while pun mak i yg belikan skin wash tu=p. Clearly, muka i ni memang suka dengan type tu je. Kalau yang lain, macam a bit uncomfortable la. Kulit dah serasi dgn yang tu, nak wat cane kan. far, i pakai skin wash, skin balance (utk letak kat acne kalau ada), n skin vital (sunscreen). I like the sunscreen so if wearing a light foundation.

Haihh..the holiday is almost over. I resist myself to think about work but that's probably not a good thing. I'm sure i'll be more depress if i continue to behave this way. Huhu. I'd better work it on to not let me be in my comfort zone as i have a challenging months ahead. First months of school session. What do u expect? Fuhh..I can already imagine the chaos. Totally a nightmare!

So what is the first step? Perhaps i should do some revision on science subject. Dah bapo kali den ajak mylocx pergi Pustaka Rakyat tu tak berkesempatan jugak. Nak search online boleh jugak tapi alahh boringnye dek oi. Sometimes when i watched CLEVER on TvIQ i 'm a little excited to make it as one of the teaching materials. Tapi time tu ajela.. Lepaih2 tu habuk pun tada=p. And i'm too absorbed with Twilight books rite now. Oh what a lame excuse. Penyakit malas ni adalah penyakit paling berbahaya. Haha.

Mindset effa..mindset! Orang kata kalau awal2 dah fikir teruk... negative effect la jawabnya. n vice versa. Betul ek? Rasanya mcm dah byk kali fikir positif pun effect nya tak positif jugak. Ah apo apo lah kak limah oiii!


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