Thursday, October 23, 2008

why women speak more than men

Here, just an article to share. Not in the mood to write my own view/story/whatever bullshit at the moment. So i just copy and paste something related to science and psychology.coz that's my interest.

According to researches, female brain contains more cells, controlling speech functions, than male. And another fact: simple speech act causes emission of hormones in a woman’s brain, giving her same sensations, which a drug addict feels after he receives a long-awaited dose.

Differences between male and female brain are already formed in a mother’s womb, when testosterone starts affecting formation of developing male brain. As a result of this influence, zones, controlling speech, emotions and memory in a man’s brain decrease. Thus, boys, and later men, speak less, than women, and try to hide their emotions as much as they can.

However, testosterone, affecting formation of male brain, also reduces size of cerebral zone, controlling perception, what allows men becoming “deaf” to most logical arguments, adduced by their wives and girlfriends. Lack of conversations and emotions is displayed in a man’s inner world, in particular, his constant thoughts about sex.

Scientists state that brain center, controlling man’s thoughts about sex is twice bigger, than woman’s, what, in its turn, explains a stereotype saying that “men think not by head”. Researchers showed that while men think about sex every 52 seconds, thought about this visits a woman’s brain only once per day.
“Girls are born with female mechanism of perception, and boys - with male. They mental facilities differ already by the moment of birth and depend on stimuli and values important for them”.
“Women treat the world in a different way, than men. If women pay more attention to these differences, it will be easier for them to make any important decisions in their life”, - scientists note.


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