Friday, October 24, 2008

Tight Butt

As for the title above, i think it's kindda inappropriate.haha.But i liked it though..probably can draw a lot more attention..=p i am again with a new post n category..>>HEALTH
And to be more spesific>>exercise.
Even more spesific>>simple way to tight your butt.haha

For me personally, i always wanna have a tight and firm figure. Well, who doesn't..haha.And i always concern about body fitness.

You know..when i was in UM, during my 3rd year..i started to go to the gym..
well, it's free u know.should make full use of it.
I'm always excited to go that i'll try my best to persuade my friends to come along. It's not fun to go alone. The gym is normally conquered by male. However, ladies time-tuesday and thursday(5.30-7.00). Some of my friends asked me why do we need to go to the gym. We can just jogging or playing other games. I don't have answers for that.. but i just said..i love it..just simply love it.

At the gym..there's this indian instructor. A good and friendly person he is. He always ready to help and share his ideas if we asked for it.
I remembered he once told me..that women should go to gym..or atleast do some exercises on their doesn't mean women should be tough and full of big muscles like's for toning.
Toning is to make almost any body part appear firmer and sleeker. This is to avoid flabby arms..big thighs..bulgy stomach etc..It's just to maintain a firm and healthy body. And to get a firm have to have more muscles, less fats.

He also said of the simple exercise we can do anywhere, anytime..and gives great result is...SQUAT exercise..ya it looks simple i know..but try to do it gives a tremendous effect on your body..not as easy as it looks like. Often called "the king of exercises" by those who believe its capable of inducing more and faster muscle growth than any other exercise. It tones up butt, thigh, leg, stomach and lower back. You can add some weight lifting if you like..contohnya cam angkat dumbell. Whatever it avoid injury and for safety precaution, you should always warm up first. And when you do the exercise...tender and sore muscles for 1 or 2 days is completely normal..give it some rest n when you feel better you can start doing it again.

So..whenever i feel like malas nak main game ke ape, i juz squat..or wat weigt lifting sket2..angkat2 botol besar ke..buku ke..hehe.Tapi kalo rajin nak buat other exercises or go to the gym..that's definitely great!

I learned a lot from the gym instructor which i love to share with others. Whatever it is..dun say we have no time for exercise..coz it's a must.And i'm telling that to myself as well.

For those of you who dun really know how to here:

So gals...why dun we start?...(firm butt remember??=p)

oh ya..if you men are interested in bodybuilding..or perhaps if you want that hot-sexy-oh so firm body like jared and requires many levels of workouts and good food intake i guess..with a lot more efforts, endurance, money (probably), passion and time.. So much for a hot n good look babe.=p

Where there's a will there's a way~

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