Sunday, October 12, 2008


if you guyz are wondering what on earth am i doing rite now..well think about hibernation.

i'm totally spending my time at my habitat (home..=P)..doing stuffs like..(well,like nothing important)..such as sleeping, praying, thinking (or perhaps..daydreaming), eating, surfing internet n so on..particularly pampering myself..hihi. And one thing for sure...i'm a HUGE fan of supernatural..season 4 is i'm now reeeeeeeeeally in the mood of supernatural....
I have been graduated approximately 2 months ago..n now, i'm basically waiting for my posting.

Posting for what?..well, to those of you who have forgotten..or don't have any idea at all..or buat2lupe..i took science with education course....meaning..i'm in teaching profession. I already know the state but still dunno the school. I got Selangor n trust me..i'm soo grateful for that. Firstly, my hometown is in Selangor. Secondly..i can hope for working nearer to my husband-to-be..Mr.Locx. I do have some efforts to basically get the area i want. need to elaborate here..

I have some major things to go through this year..My posting..(which school, new environment, loads of work, headache..blablabla) n my wedding (which means...OMG!..i dun believe it..hehe)..So perhaps u can imagine how i'm feeling rite now...even though I dun really know what the heck am i feeling at the moment.

But i do feel excited for both of the major things. My family is now quite busy planning n preparing things for the'm practically thinking a lot but doing less.hAhA..but dun worry..i've managed to handle certain things...such as all the 'andaman' cards, booking here booking there. It doesn't drain my energy so far...but sure as h*^% mind-tiring. I'm still positive by the whatever it takes to be with the person you love..

The celebration of Eid Mubarak still not over i guess..i've gone back to Penang(my village) the 1st week of hari raya..n now at my hometown, i'm not visiting much...oh how i enjoy eating all the cookies n 'kerepek' at home.haha...well, i'm gonna take this opportunity to wish my muslim readers (ceh macamla ade) Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Maaf Zahir Batin..

laterrrr...farewell my dear readers!(terpengaruh ngn Lord of the Ring la layan balik aritu..aku teringin nk blaja bahasa elf tu.HAHA)


NaNa said...

waaaa...waiting ur wedding's card..don't forget to send...heheheh...of course aku jauh la pulak..dr johor..uwaaaa...doa2 aku dtg tau...

Shuk_devdas said...

layan lord of the rings gak ke??
just finish watched the trilogy last raya..

farahana said...

nana : xpe..u can also go to kluang=)

shuko : da lame lyn blk..i'm in love again wif aragorn n legolas..=p

faraeza said...

ni eza..faraeza... xsure if akak still remember me or not... wanna say congrate..!! da nak kawen... tatotnyeee,,, hahaha... gud lak=]

farahana said...

hi eza..

i still remember the name..
face..em a bit blur..huhu.sory.

kasila link friendster ke ape ke facebook ke.he.

thanx for the wish..i pon tatoot..huhu