Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What say you..smokers?

Something in the news caught my attention..
Graphic warnings for smokers? it really?
Cigarette manufacturers have been given until June next year to print graphic warnings on their product packaging...If they fail to do so, they risk having to take their products off the market. They will also face a RM10,000 fine or two years' jail, or both. u know what kindda graphic?...more or less like these:

owh that's growse!..But do smokers feel that way?..They could probably just ignore that long as they dun get one of the terrible long as they feel fine...or perhaps they'll feel bad about it..feel bad to smoke..and try their best to's all a matter of choice.

Manufacturers are also be required to stop labelling cigarettes as "low-tar", "light", "ultra-light" and "mild" which the ministry said was misleading...but still the question is the they (smokers) give a damn? They know everything..they know they just put theirself in danger. They know they have to quit smoking..but the temptation and addiction are much more stronger to overcome with...

and again..i think it's all a matter of choice..Good people with good mind will choose goodness in the matter how hard the paths would be. And whenever people you know want to quit as supportive as you can...becoz we all know it's never been easy.

Well, atleast they(ministry etc) still came up with efforts...a good idea and implementation indeed..better than nothing..we'll see how it turns out later in time.

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