Monday, October 13, 2008

Joe & Faridah


this tv drama is hilarious..!...a big hand to Adlin Aman Ramli (the director n also the main cast).
He rocks!..i dun really know how many times i've laughed throughout the story..=p

A very untypical storyline and scripts and jokes..but trust works!..i enjoyed most of the time watching it...n i still remember some funny lines + parts in it.(mcm aku enjoy Dakkolin Dakkosi..ahaha..bodo series tu)..even my dad sticked in front of the tv...

This drama was aired during the 1st week of hari raya i guess..
but i just watched it yesterday..(besela Astro..sek ulang tayang je kn..=p)

erra fazira is sooo hot ! her.

love all the casts as well (zizan, khir rahman, zaibo, harun salim bachik etc)

i'm not a good reviewer..but if u missed watching it on Astro, u can always watch it here :


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