Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January surprise...!


Turned out mylocx was having a terrible high fever. U see, he never got sick since he was a small kid. So basically, he's not used to falling sick. But once the fever sets's very very bad. It tochured me to see mylocx n sofea in a condition like that.

Hmm talking bout sofea, yesterday barula nampak gusi dia getting better n look more normal. Dah tak refuse makan. Infact, she started to have her appetite back. Mylocx is getting better too I guess. He got one jab that day. Doc suspected dengue fever. Thankfully the blood test confirmed otherwise. But he still feeling weak. Maybe body baru nak regain strength sebab dia pun eat very less.

Hmm..i got a bad n good news. I was being transferred to another school. Cheras perdana. I knew n got the letter yesterday. Very2 shocking coz I never thought that i was one of them. Yes ada 6 orang lagi yg ditukarkan dalam daerah. Ni semua redeployment cikgu opsyen sc n english ke sekolah yg kekurangan. Meaning..smkpm dah banyak yg ajar sc n english.

Bad news because first, lack of time n preparation. Yela, tiba2je kot I dpt letter then off u go. Haha. Lapor diri this coming friday coz khamis cuti thaipusam. Xtaula pengetua baru nak bagi I bape hari utk tangguh kerja n settlekan urusan serah tugas kat sekolah lama. Second, it's a little far compared to my previous school. Third, i'm gonna leave my good colleagues.

Still wanna know y it's a good news? Haha. Well, first, i'm happy to leave the previous management n administration. Ops no elaboration. Second, it's easier for us to decide to buy our next house. Third, i'll probably teach bio/chemistry/science.

N sooo nervous! Like posting skola baru all over again. Lone ranger. How I hate it!


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