Monday, May 9, 2011

Vacant possession

Ok..terasa lama sgt x update. Super duper malas. Huhu. Asal nak update je adalah hal2 lain yg nak setel.

On the previous weekend, (1 mei) we all went to gelang patah, johor. My cousin's wedding. Was a very long journey pergi balik coz it's jam to the max at seremban n melaka. Stayed one night at gelang patah homestay n one night at my MIL house in Kluang. Overall it's a wonderful weekend but terribly exhausted. Nanti i upload photo kalau rajin.

At the moment, our mind are focusing too much on home renovation. Vacant possession is somewhere around july. Hopefully we'll get the key a.s.a.p so that we can start planning for the reno. The major concern is the budget. Coz memang x nak buat personal loan semata mata utk reno. For us, proceed within the budget, n buat yg penting2 mcm plaster ceiling, repair the defects, painting, n perhaps the floor n the bathroom. Kalau tak cukup budget, then cancel mana2 yg patut.

As for now, we're doing some researches in order to get some idea on how to start renovating a house from a to z. I'm planning to share the whole procedures in the blog if i got time.

To those yg dah pernah renovate rumah or ada experience bout this matter, bolehla sharing info kay.

I mean, recommended contractors, cost, tips, etc etc.

Till then. Daa...

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