Friday, May 27, 2011

School holiday!

Yeay! After several hectic weeks with loads of works to be done, it's holiday at last!

Hmm my main objective : ganti puasa! Hahah.. Tak habis ganti lagi ni.

2nd objective : sofea learns the basic of underwater swimming. Hehe. I figured that we can't force children to swim..but we can create a joyful moments of learning so that they'll feel comfortable n safe in the water. So far, she's very confident above the surface. But I dun think she's ready to go below the surface.

And thanx to least I get some ideas on how to teach my daughter to love water and finally swimming. But surely a long process n need a lot of patience, compassion, time n energy. Huhu. We'll see how it goes;-)

3rd objective : finish marking the students exam paper.

4th objective : Finish reading my book on japanese candlesticks so that I can start investing in stocks using virtual money. N after I convince mylocx i'm a good investor n know when to buy or when to sell, then I can jump into the real game. Tapi itu rasanya jauh lagi. Yg penting, learn the fundamental things first. Hahah.

Last but not least....harap2 dapat update blog selalu.hehe.


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