Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are u ready to get pregnant AGAIN?

Am i ready? Hmm to be honest, i dunno if i'm ready. Kalau ada rezeki then alhamdulillah. Kalau tak de pun xpe. It's just that ramai plak membe2 yg dah preggy 2nd child. So tetiba rasa nak pregnant tu dtg balik. Plus the fact that sofea has reached 19 months old.

If let say i'm pregnant this year, then she can have a sibling when she's almost 3 years old. Plus the age difference will be ermm...2 years apart. Theoritically, that sounds good. But we'll see how it goes.

I was very particular before when it comes to avoiding pregnancy. But i'm not taking any pills or injections. It's only natural n barrier method. N i wasn't taking any precautions during the first 5 months after giving birth to sofea. The reason: i was exclusively breastfeeding her n the chance of getting pregnant is so minimal when u're fully breastfeeding your child. I got my menstruation back when sofea's almost 6 months old.

Hmm..n now, i'm planning to have a 2nd child. Pernah dengar tak relationship between islamic calendar and pregnancy? I've heard that if u're planning to have a baby, try to conceive on 1st, 15th n 30th day of the month. Not sure of the kesahihannya, just wanna give a try:-P

But still, i can't stop thinking about the morning sickness n the cramp n the backpain etc etc. And my oh my, i also can't stop thinking of my future baby appearance and the pleasure of holding and smelling the precious gift from Allah again. Frankly said, i miss pregnancy. Maybe that's how it feels when u're a mother.

Congratz to all my friend yg dah preggy lagi. Take care.


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d' Mekdy said...

Last two paragraphs are awesome! though i won't have the opportunity to give birth, my only hope is to be by her side during the delivery InsyaAllah :)

farahana said...

pregnancy n being a mother are extremely challenging..but still, that's the most anticipating moment for both husband n wife.

good luck;)