Friday, May 27, 2011

Teaching sofea swims underwater

well, this is the progress so far..i started introduce her to the pool when she's about 10 months. Not frequent though. Tu pun dah kira lambat. Between 3 - 6 months is a very good time. Wanna know why? Google please...haha. Frankly because they still have natural reflex to swim and not to swallow water. It's the natural ability of every baby. But it's gonna slowly fade away from 6 months onwards.

Macam sofea...she loves water. Tapi sebab i bwk pergi swimming when she's a bit older, dia tak pandai nak swim underwater. Have to learn from the basic like other kids. So sekarang dalam proses nak familiarize dia dengan basic underwater swimming.

What i've learnt from Mr Google..mula2 kena buang rasa takut tu dulu. make it fun. Eg: 123- pour! Tell her we gonna pour the water onto the head, count 1,2,3 n pour. Mula2 memang dia tak suka. Tapi buat for several sessions at least 4 times per week. Time mandi kat rumah pun boleh. hehe. If the baby is not ready yet, never submerge their face/head in the water. This can be very scary n probably will affect them until adult.

Blow the bubbles. Haa yang ni penting untuk ajar dia supaya tak telan air bila swimming. Buatla fun2 sket tiup2 air kat tapak tangan ke, blow bubbles time swimming ke....macam sofea, awal2 i introduce blow bubbles...dia tak nak blow pun. haha. tapi when i count 123..n buat gaya tarik nafas panjang2 n buat gaya tiup angin dia suka plak nak ikut. Cuma lambat sketla dia nak buat tu kat air. Seriously it takes time n patience. Kalau dia tak nak, don't force it. Try lagi nanti2. Normally i buat time sofea mandi kat rumah je. hehe.

When you see progress, boleh start ajar rendam telinga dalam air. Part ni, selalu sofea indirectly belajar time dia swimming by herself in the kids pool. Kdg2 tu, saja2 je dia letak telinga kat air. So bila bwk swimming selalu, lama2 dia tak la rasa alien sangat kan bila air kena kat telinga. Ni pun basic underwater swimming juga.

Hmm okla..yang basic ni pun takes weeks of practices. Yang penting, the frequency of learning. Keep the session short like 30 minutes..but do it several times a week..minimum 4 times a week for a few months.

I pun tengah try ni... jomla try sama2..;)



Lyana@Mely said...

waaa boleh try ni effa...thanks

farahana said...

jom2 try sama2...u're welcome dear;)