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Nur Kasih The Movie. Reviewed by someone who had watched the final cut of the movie!!

Forget previous proclamations made by other local films, THIS is the most anticipated movie of the year in this part of the world. I mean, the Nur Kasih TV series sparked a phenomenon a couple of years ago when it was aired on TV3, attracting over 19 million viewers and changing perceptions about local shows along the way.
The show’s stars, especially leading lady Tiz Zaqyah, shot into superstardom almost over night and Nur Kasih has remained on the lips and consciousness of the general public long after the last episode was screened. The catch-up videos on meanwhile, notched up more than 64 million views. Yes, 64 MILLION VIEWS. Kapow!
So now, about the movie.
The hardcore fans have even warned me about revealing too many plot details (“tak syok lah kalau dah tau”, they say), and so, this “review” will reveal just enough stuff without threatening to spoil your viewing pleasure.

And oh yeah, I’m not one of those hardcore fans that could remember every single scene and dialogue from the TV series (like I know every single thing about “Ali Setan”, for example). But I know enough lah. Haha.

So the movie is in fact a continuation of the series that basically featured the conflicts of a love-triangle of sorts between Nur Amina (Tiz Zakyah), and brothers Aidil (Fizz Fairuz) and Adam (Remy Ishak). We know that Adam married Nur due to his father’s dying wish although the pious Aidil clearly had feelings for her.

The loutish Adam went on to treat Nur like sh** but after he finally repented, their marriage came under threat when he went missing and presumed dead in a foreign land. But of course, he was still alive (though not exactly “kicking”) all along, and by the final episode, we saw him returning home to Nur (yay!), and everyone lived happily ever after.
Or did they?
Apart from a train crashing in a middle eastern country, the first five minutes of the film also reveals a very important plot point, i.e.: Aidil has lost his wife Aliya (Ayu Raudhah). (This is SIX YEARS after we last saw them in the series, btw). The reason for her demise is not immediately revealed but Aidil is now suffering in the depths of despair and it is my prediction that the crying will already start in the cinemas within these first few minutes. So, crank out the tissue boxes early, yeah?

Also, at this point, I bet the women in the theatres will be going: “I’ll marry him! I’ll marry him! Tak kiralah dia single father, janji macho dan beriman, ok?” Hehe.

Meanwhile, Adam and Nur are leading a rather good life, although still childless. Their spare time is spent at a shelter for troubled kids, including one (Sara Ali) who obviously has the hots for Adam. And when Nur receives confirmation from the doctor that she’s finally pregnant, the couple feels like they’re on top of the world.

Like I said, I won’t spoil it too much for you lot, so I’m skipping one important plot point and just tell you that Adam and Nur would later wind up in Jordan for some R&R. It is there that we see what really happened to that train and the consequences of it.

Back in KL, Aidil is still bergelumang dengan kesedihan, and you would really feel for him, especially when the kids (one of whom is played by the super adorable Mia Sara) make awkward statements about their late mom. But the fighter that he is, Aidil soldiers on and even helps to look after the shelter for troubled kids in the absence of Adam and Nur.

Again, I won’t be giving away big spoilers, but just to say that both Adam and Aidil will be put through life-threatening situations. Who will die? Who will survive? Ah, kena tengok lah, ok?

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The actors have such great chemistry between them that even the corniest of lines or scenes seem natural and never out of place. And this film DOES have some retweet-worthy lines that will also no doubt be on the FB status updates of its legion of fans.

Directed by Kabir Bhatia, there’s also no doubt that this is one absolutely gorgeous film. And while the top-notch cinematography was only previously enjoyed on the small screen, seeing it on the silver screen is a different experience altogether. The scenes in Jordan especially, look stunning and soothing all at once and the sweeping paddy fields back in Malaysia will also take your breath away.

I also like the original music, expertly done by Hafiz Hamidun. The dramatic scenes greatly benefit from the soaring score and it lends a certain “bigness” to the film. And who would have thought that a local epic love story like this would have some memorable action scenes as well?

A minor disappointment is in the CGI department (yes, there’s actual special effects!) that looks, well, not as impressive as the rest of the film. And yes, those who’ve never seen the TV series at all, might have some questions about the plot earlier on, but everything is tied up nicely at the end; so no big worries there.

It's a pretty darn good movie!

Sumber: enough! Wajib tengok ye.. Kalau mylocx tak nak, bermuncung la i jawabnye...=p=p
No. no. seriously i NAK sangat tengok.... esp Remy Ishak.hahah.

Jom tengok ramai2...prepare the tissues everyone!

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