Sunday, May 22, 2011

The power of nur kasih the movie

Ok...masih lagi dalam kehangatan filem nur kasih. To those who still not watching, dun be surprised if you see the cinema is full of malays, mainly women, kids n makcik makcik.haha.

Bukan apa la first time i tengok setiap masa penuh dgn orang esp aunty2 or even nenek2. Fenomena sungguh! is sunday. Planning nak tgk pirates of the carribean coz yesterday tak sempat nak marathon 2 movies. Hahah. Mylocx is soo banyak songeh when i asked him to watch nur kasih. Especially when there's a movie he soo wanna watch. Which is POTC of course. U know what he said regarding all these? Muka legend hati pun legend. Ahh sangat tak boleh blah. But still, he bought me the ticket.;-) thanx dear..

Orait peeps.. Go n watch it now..such a beautiful movie. Love it with all my heart. Take note the coversation between adam n the uztaz. Walaupun sekejap je babak tu, tp membuatkan kita tak habes2 berfikir.


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