Tuesday, July 28, 2009

to be determined


malasnye nak gi keje..haha..

blogging la kejap..dah lama gak xupdate ni..

hmm..last week me n mylocx were going back to kluang..that day dah balik sg. besar..so gilir-gilir la pulak kan.hehe..

on last saturday before balik kluang, we went to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hosp to do some check-ups...

so doctor adela buat scanning sekali..measure anggaran berat baby, sufficiency of amniotic fluid, placenta position etc. i'm happy coz everything is fine so far...but i'm a little dissappointed coz we didn't know the gender yet..baby tu angkat dua2kaki so the sex organ tu terlindung la kan..

hmm..so the sex is...to be determined ya..;)..
xpela..1st baby xkesah boy ke girl..
asalkan sihat walafiat.
btw, next appointment is next month..time 1st week puasa tu..

ok..need to get ready to work.


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