Saturday, July 18, 2009

Le Brassiere

okay..i think i need to purchase more of them.haha

with different size of course.

last purchase was ermm..bile ekk?..ohh during 4th months pregnant. ok, now i know, buying just one size of maternity bra for the entire pregnancy will not probably work..coz u know, they're continue to grow..requiring us to purchase new bras at least a couple of times during pregnancy.., how many exactly should i buy this time ehh?..i think a good rule of thumb is to have enough bras on hand to allow me to wear a clean, properly fitting bra every day. rite?

i've gained a few pounds lately..and i'm sure i'll be gaining more and more until i reach 9th months...
and i think i desperately in need for those new maternity bras or just grab for the nursing bras terus. The best time to buy nursing bras is during the third why not now??ohh...tengokla nanti. again honey?..*wink*wink*

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Anonymous said...

Bilalah dapat 'shopping' rm50,000 dalam tangan cam peraduan 'walls' tu~tetibe berangan hihihi