Wednesday, July 22, 2009

no title

hi there..

mylocx is sleeping now..
( i thought he's i was checking on him just now..and turned out that he's still on bed playing sudoku using my hp)..

ok.. it has become his habit to play the game before he's going to sleep..

or when he just wanna cuddle and lying beside me until i fall asleep *during his sleepless nights*

..or (like he said)..he just wanna feel as sleepy as he could by playing the game...
*but turned out to be mindly active than ever..;p*

and now he's already asleep..maklumlah..esok kerja awal pagi..hihi

me?i sebenarnye ada masalah perut kembung sket tengah2malam ni...tu yg kadang2 tidur agak lambat sikit.xselesa kalau tidur time perut kembung buat hal kan.

and sambil2 tu bacala satu article nih..

how to wash cloth diapers effectively.....ahahaa apekah?

okla stop here sebelum meraban lebih jauh..;p

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