Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pick your baby up or just let baby cry

haihh... i skang dalam dilema tau. My daughter is almost 18th months old n she's brilliant ok!

Nak mintak anything je mula la start merengek or buat2 nangis. haha.

Kalau time kecik2 dulu yelakan..kite cuak gakla if she started crying... hungry ke, wanna change diaper ke, stomachache ke, afraid ke, or anything jela.. so i pun akan cepat2 pick her up to comfort her.

But, as she gets older, she can express her mood well. Crying is one of the weapon. Sometimes, if she wants to play in the middle of the night, she'll cry to get attention. And, somehow, i dunno whether to pick her up or just let her cry.

Mylocx and i think she needs some discipline too. After i checked her diaper, feeding her, and making sure that dia tak terjatuh ke hape ke...then kalau merengek2 lagi then i knew all she wanted is to play...and sometimes saje2 nak mintak dukung suruh tunjuk itu ini. (playing la tu.hehe)

So i kdg2 just biar dia merengek2 or nangis kejap...and cuddled her. Talked to her or showed anything to get her interest. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't work. So, kdg2 mylocx will give her a warning look and talk to her dengan nada garang sket. Dia mmg sgt manja ngan mylocx but also very sensitive if her dad yg marah dia. She was immediately crying louder than before. But then we all akan pujuk balik and talked to her why did we scold her.

And..sometimes dia dah tak merengek2 dah pastu. Sometimes merengek gakla sket2 tapi not like before.

Huh..parenting oh parenting.. A never-ending process. So u all cane plak? Nak angkat je everytime the baby cries or let them learn a few lesson? hehe. Not like a tigermom la.haha.


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Lyana@Mely said...

babies and kids are very cleaver... once kite dah ajar, sorang fikir tu ok je..

cam baby kecik, once dah berdukung, next time de nak lagi...kalo tak dapat dukung, nangis...

cam anak2 besar..aku biar je dorang nangis....pas dah ok skit nangis tu aku akan cakap kenapa takleh ni..kenapa takleh tu...

lagi2 mase pi soping..nangis2 nak mainan lah ape lah..