Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hana Tajima - my favourite style

As i said before..... HT is one of my favorite when it comes to hijab style or fashion style.

She's very creative when it comes to fashion. I like her choose of natural and basic color like black, grey, white and beige...and add sikit colours to make it lively.

And, for this entry, i put one of my pick. Later2 i akan letak lagi mana2 yang jadi favourite i.

Kalau tanya celebrity style yang jadi favorite (non-muslim) .... the top of my list is Kate Moss. Hehe. But kita kenala sesuaikan dengan fashion sebagai orang Islam jugak ye dak? Tak leh lah main belasah je... n tak cool la kalau outdated sangat ye dak?hehe.


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