Friday, April 1, 2011

Do I feel pain?


I'm in pain now. Physical pain. Woman related pain.

And it's called menstrual pain. Hahah. What an intro huh. But when this happened I jadi sgt xbermaya n malas n sakit2 semua. Lying in bed is the best remedy for my case.

Huh...after a hectic week at work, n I finally got time to relax during the weekend, here comes the pain. Dugaan. Besides, my daughter plak skang dah pandai merengek nak ajak keluar. Syian dia. Maybe dah bosan 5 days xkeluar rumah. Well sweetie, i'm not taking u out with my condition like this. Not atleast until evening. Until the pain subside. N mylocx, nocturnal as I said before..sleeping n will only wake up probably around 3p.m.huhu. Except for jumaat prayer la.

I'm not a type to rely so much on medication intake. I kindda love to feel the pain n test how long can I endure the pain. Sampaila xtahan sgt baru mkn ubat. It's a habit. Huhu. Same case time labor pain dulu. No medication at all. Hahah. But seriously painful of course.

Kla..i dunno y i'm telling bout pain here. Will update more later. Daa.

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