Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unpleasant moment

I really not enjoying this unpleasant moment of the month..
ever get that feeling like your heart gonna burst out of your chest?

All these headache, stress, warm, mood swings, insomnia, crying spell and hatred feeling come in one package.GREAT!..
The tears can drop so easily i can't even believe it myself...
For no particular reason.
Nothing is comforting.
Agaknye kalo rendam dalam ais baru lega kot.

I dun talk much with my parents today....So not in the mood.
Tonight it getting worse.
So i covered up my ear with 'Meet the Fockers'..
and turn UP the volume.
Feel good to be in my own space.

Then i write in my blog..which is NOW obviously.
My blog never judge.
Still not feeling any better.
GREAT again.

I'm not sleepy at all. But dun wory bed..u're the 1st place i wanna be rite now.

Dah macam poem tak jadi plak aku rase post aku ni. GREAT again!!!!!!!!



Nadya said...


welcome to the club!

(even ur word verification spelled 'consial' haha)

farahana said...


ok2..aku edit ape yg perlu.he.
Tunggang terbalik sume..haha.