Monday, November 29, 2010

The Social Network n Facebook

U just gotta see this movie. Oh it's freaking awesome!

Well, as one of the facebook users, i certainly wanna watch The Social Network movie, a story of founder of the famous facebook. [Based on true story n adapted from a book - The Accidental Billionaire] Me n mylocx got a habit bila nak tengok wayang kami akan search and see the review. [yahoo and imdb] As parents, masa untuk menonton wayang agak terhad, so lebih mudah kalau buat research sikit tentang movie2 yang hangat di pasaran. Hehe.
So turns out that The Social Network caught the most of our attention.

The inventor of Facebook ni tersangatla muda. A computer programmer who studied in Harvard U. And now, he's the youngest billionaires in the world. 500 millions users. Wow! Such a phenomenal. Such a genius Mark Zuckerberg is. I memang kagum dengan orang yang genius2 ni..
n making me think, how do they become genius? A lot of factors contributing to that i guess.. n i'm curious about it. I wanna know why.n how?...never mind. Talk bout this later.

Back to the story..i rasa macam nak tengok for the second time je. haha. coz it's fast-paced and entertaining at the same time. n i see computer nerds in quite a different way now after watching the movie. i think they're super cool =)

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