Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laid back

Pnt gle hari ni. BUT happy gle jugak ye sbb nila one of the mondays yg xde monday blues.haha.yes u heard me.

I kan now da start school break yg super pjg tu.jgn jeles.we teachers need cuti very badly.ok I xnak bebel psl keje I byk byk kat sini.

I'm actually experimenting with my new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. Mylocx got me this hp to replace hp I yg rosak dibanting banting sofea tu. Yup yg tu sony ericsson gak. I'm a big fan of S.E u see. Think it's awesome. N for my new smart phone ni, maybe xde la se'cool' Blackberry Torch or  iPhone4, it suits me very it! Android mmg cool la. I'm not a gadget lady. Asalkan I can facebooking, blogaway n do other basic stuffs i'm ok with that. Mylocx plak mmg good at picking the rite gadget with a very good price. Bukan sng nak influence n kencing dia.haha.

Hmm last few days we were shopping like crazy. We also bought some presents for moms n dads. N sofea pun dah ade swimming suit n floating wear dia. She seriously love water. Mmg tak takut lgsg n x nak kua2 dr pool tu. Tapi I limit kan max 30 mnts je coz takut baby can't hadle if longer than that.

Wee! Harry potter best xhengat! But certainly the book is better;-)

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