Sunday, July 11, 2010

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We're currently in my hometown Sg Besar. Good weekend so far.

Feeling so down coz tomorrow is Monday. It means working day. Haha. (Please stop feeling this way)

And alhamdulillah i have recovered from flu. Sofea too. But still ada remaining hingus kat hidung dia. It'll probably takes a few days to be fully vanished.

Hmm sofea asyik nak dukung je sepanjang time tak sihat ni. Thankfully i got baby sling yang quite comfy. She's turning 9 months old. And juz imagine her weight la kan. Hehe. I dun think i need to go to gym as i can do lifting and toning juz at home. I'm pretty sure i'm more toned than mylocx i tell u. He really need to work hard on that..=p

I'm still in my hometown. Japgi nak hantar adik balik sekolah dia. (Yes it's boarding school). 30 min je dari rumah.

K daa..

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