Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Alhamdulillah. It's officially become our house.

Mylocx can sleep peacefully now. Haha.

We bought it for investment purpose.

Are you interested in investment?
Hmm.. we love the idea of investment. Our goal is investing to win & get higher returns. But it will never happen overnight of course.

I remember i'm not a woman with a good financial IQ before. Thankfully i met someone who is equipped with financial intelligence.

I really think people (women mostly) should increase their financial IQ sebab sekarang ni, money is the key to almost everything. So takdela terlalu bergantung pada husband kan. In case anything happen, we always have back ups.

I start to open my eyes when i read books regarding money & finance. Now i share the same interest with mylocx. When 2 minds think alike, the results are twice better.

I believe that investment is not that risky if we have good financial education. For now, mylocx is focusing on real estate investment. Dia bukan terus main beli je. Research is the crucial part of investing. Wanna invest money? Then firstly you need to invest time to educate yourself.

I plan to jump in stock investment (islamic). And now, apart from many things i need to take care of, i have to invest some times to learn about stocks. To be honest, i dun even have the skills and it's not easy at all. But with the plan in mind, i really need to start the process by actually taking the action. Step by step.

The learning is ongoing though. But now, i bangga la jugak coz i dah faham sket bila baca tentang stocks or when i read the charts. Mylocx is very supportive. But he wants to monitor my performance first (by playing simulation game of stocks investment).

If i'm doing good enough, and dia btol2 convinced (plus mmg ada enough ready cash) haa...then i can jump right in the real thing. Hehe. Dia nak focus kat property so dia suruh i educate him ape2 yg patutla on stocks.

So okla. Ni ada pix of our house. It's fully furnished. Seronokla tenants tu sumer. Haha.

The Domain@Neocyber.

Monthly rental : RM2000
(fully furnished)

It's a very small space u see. Memang suitable for students / working people yang tak de family lagi.

Kalau ada info2 yg best nanti i share lagi about investment. Yang penting, always prepare extra ready cash for atleast 6 months salary.


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