Monday, July 26, 2010

INCEPTION - A must see movie

wow! that's just the word. Christopher Nolan memang rocks!

This movie will be confusing for some. Kalo tak minat citer heavy2 & full of complexity then this movie is not for you. Hehe.I tak mau bagi spoiler kat sini.Kalo nak tau sinopsis google sendiri kay=)

It's one of those films where you must pay attention to every word spoken or you might miss some key plot points.

Story is well-written, casts are well-picked, scenes are well-edited and the whole movie is well-directed.

Senang citer, i just loved it! I think 2nd time watching mesti lagi best.

But i think seeing it twice pun still doesn't answer all the riddles. Punyela complicated. Haha.

Mylocx and i sampai esok2nye pun still debating and trying to make our own perceptions. It's the dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream. Seriously like the coolest dream ever.

It's like a brain game, except that you don't play it;it plays you.

I was at the edge of my seat for two and a half hours.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get up during the movie!

Soak in every moment of it because it really is a masterpiece.

It may or may not be a hit, but it is certainly a caviar for film lovers like US ~



i am Rinie said...

cudnt agree more on inception. good movie!

effa said...

kan kan?

memang masterpiece=)