Saturday, February 6, 2010

entry hari sabtu

what a tiring day.i'm sitting on a chair with sore muscles.haihh!

sangat tak suka sekolah ganti ok!tapi sebab nak raya cina lama sket terima je la kan.hehe.

oh the maid is finally far so good.she's been trained quite a while before coming over to malaysia.hopefully she keeps up the good work especially on looking after my daughter.

mylocx and i are planning to watch movie Avatar tomorrow..yes we still not watching the GREAT movie yet due to various reasons.ah whatever it is, it's never too late, rite?I know it'll be a movie we regret not watching.

sofea will be staying home with bibik tomorrow.but dun worry sweetheart..just a short period of time.mommy and daddy need some time together.hehe.
oh my daughter is turning 4 months.and today, for the first time she can roll over on her own!
what a momentous's such an amazing feeling to see her grow so fast.

i'm still experiencing quite a massive hair loss.people say it's due to hormonal changes after childbirth.huhu.harap2 cepatla ok.takutla kang botak plak..;p

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