Wednesday, February 24, 2010

another cup of coffee??

I always wondering about the diuretic effect of caffeine on the body because i realized that everytime i drink coffee i will rush to the toilet some time later.It causes me loosing stools or frequent urination.

Well i don't think i have a serious caffeine addiction because i drink more or less twice a week but the regular symptoms are loosing stools, urination, increasing heart rate and restless nights.

I also learnt that an occasional cup of coffee is one thing, but depending on a cup to keep us awake is something entirely different. Although a little caffeine may wake us up and give us a sense of energy, too much caffeine actually hurts our moods and overall well being. Two cups of caffeine per day seems to have a positive effect, but research shows that even one cup a day is enough to cause dependence. Caffeine may temporarily improve the mood and give a sense of vitality...then it wears off and the mood and energy levels crash to levels even lower than before.

Our bodies adjust, causing us to need more caffeine to give us the same desired effect. Caffeine does not provide any energy or increase our alertness. Instead, it stimulates our bodies.So i'd better becareful of my coffee intake or otherwise i will have a serious caffeine addiction and caffeine habit.


DiDa BumBLeBee said...

I dont like coffee..but after my 3rd trimester dah mengidam coffee..aiyoyoyo

監控 said...

初次拜訪,祝你人氣一百分 ........................................