Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh anak-anakku

Hi !

Pheww..finally i dapat curik2 time nak update blog. Well,it's sunday kan. Normally i write my post and set it on schedule. Coz seriously i takkan sempat update during the weekdays. Sibuk dgn kerja n anak2..

Talking about kids, i selalu berdoa supaya anak2 diberkati dan jadi anak yg solehah dan ambil berat tentang agama. Amin. Well, when we finally have children, we want them to have the best in the world. We expect perfection. And we expect it now. Tahpape kan. Raising kids should be a slow marathon, not a crazy sprint. Tapi kadang2 kita sebagai parents ni yang tak sabar2 nak anak2 kita jadi pandai itu pandai ini, expect dia buat itu buat ini.

A reminder for myself. Kids will always be kids. Their childhood should be filled with a lot of time to relax and play. I really hope i dun fill a void of my own life through my daughters as they grow older. I hope i'm not forcing them to do something they dun enjoy. Tapi beriman? That's not based on interest. Itu WAJIB. Same goes to practicing healthy lifestyle, eating right n other good values.(Ikut sunnah Rasulullah itulah yg terbaik) That i dun think i can tolerate. Hehe. Garang eh mommy ni?

Whatever it is, it all starts from home. Good nutrients and affection. Dari kecik2 lagi kena introduce mereka dgn super foods. Mahal sket takpe asalkan bagus untuk kesihatan. Nutrients dun just feed the body, but it feeds the brains. Making a genius? Starts from the food. (Breastfeeding is a good start!)

And secondly, love and attention from us, the parents. Studies have shown that regular interaction with our child has a strong effect on developing their intelligence. So ape lagi..cakapla banyak2  dengan anak kita. hehe. (using proper words n sentences)..

Entry yang keibubapaan sungguh. ;p


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