Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Sofea !!!

Assalamualaikum n hello everyone. (if there is.haha). It feels a little awkward to write a new post like i used to do previously. Sejak pregnantkan Dania i dah x active langsung in blogging. With all the sickness and drained all the energy n emotions. I rasa pregnant mom yang pernah alami simptom2 tu faham la kan. Sampai boleh jadi anti dgn laptop n hp. Haha.

So yeah..i am now feeling more comfortable and a little excited to blog macam dulu2. (hopefully). Thanx for reading my blog all these while. And today, i have a wonderful news to tell. Our Sofea is officially 3 years old. Alhamdulillah. Yes it's her birthday peeps. Hehe. May Allah bless you sayang.

She's soo happy when we tell her about her birthday. And she requested Angry Bird as her cake theme. Tak habis2 angry bird tau. But sadly, she also down with a flu. AGAIN. Hmm makan kek with all the mucous la nampaknya. haha. Will upload the photos later k.

As for Dania, she's almost 8 months old, always on the move and busy exploring the world! Not crawling..but more like scooting. I think she'll skip crawling entirely and go straight to walking. Looovve to drop everything off her high chair and very impatient with diaper change. Tell you, she's a real 'flipper'! And a natural cat-napper. Nap mesti kejap2 je. Bunyi bising sket dah terjaga. Haihh ;p

Till next post. Daa ;)

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