Tuesday, July 5, 2011

White Kitchens

To be honest, my taste is traditional / rustic white when it comes to kitchen design. However, we already signed up for a promotion which is not using a wood material for the kitchen cabinet. Coz as we know, wood material is very expensive. But still, i opt for white no matter which material is used. But high gloss kitchen cabinet is a no-no for me n mylocx. We dun like modern minimalist design. Thinking to replace the traditional country look with classic contemporary look sebab tak dapat nak pilih wood kitchen cabinet.huhu.

Why do we like white?

Think it's an ideal setting for the home cook. Clean, crisp and bright. Don't u think so? Love it! And dapur yang kecik pun boleh nampak luas dan tak serabut. Besides, wood finishing looks richer against white, printed fabrics pop even more and lighting fixtures will stand out.

We're not picking the design yet. Only agreed with the promotion offered. Deposit is RM500. Kalau tak jadi burn aa duit tu. Tapi insyaallah tak cancel dah kot coz dah consider macam2. Hopefully they're worth it. Nanti after set appointment, derang akan datang measure and design (up to us) then baru sesi pilih memilih bermula. Hehe.

Actually, i suka design IKEA jugak tapi 0% installment only for IKEA credit card. Kalau card credit lain bukan 0%. Riba' plak kan. huhu. Signature Kitchen design looks very nice too. But too modern for my liking;) Kian Classic is ok ok la.. But people said Kian Classic is very good at promotion n finally ketuk orang kasi mahal. haha..

Actually, we have to know what we want..and at least know a bit of what they're saying. Do your research on kitchen cabinet, materials used, materials needed etc etc.. Kalau dapur lama dah ada hob/hood/oven misalnya, n still elok, tak payahla amik package yang ada benda2 tu semua. So nanti tak dela terkezut tengok price quotation tu sangat mahal compared to the initial price yg derang kata. Normally, initial price yg derang kata murah tu guna material yg murah jugak n tak termasuk accessories bla bla bla.. I think the normal price for good quality kitchen cabinet is around 10k above kot.. n depending on the size la.. (just my 2 cents)

Take a look at these following designs... Lovely aihh??? ;)

Till then. Daa...

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