Friday, July 8, 2011

Floor Depot: Floor measurement

Haritu dah bayar deposit for Floor Depot during the IDEA exhibition at One Utama. So after setting the appointments with one of the crew, he paid a visit to our newly purchased home on 7th july with range of samples (laminated flooring) and did the measurement.

He's a friendly malay guy. At first, he's sketching the plan of the house and start doing the measurement. Upstairs tu (including stairs) lantai parkay dah ada yang rosak. Dia suggest buka dulu parkay2 tu semua baru pasang laminated floor tu. Downstairs (living room area) is marble floor. Yang marble floor tak payah cabut whatsoever boleh terus pasang atas marble tu. Cuma skirting je derang akan tanggal.

For the kitchen area, dia suggest letak cabinet dulu baru derang datang pasang flooring. Jimat sket sebab tak yah letak kat bawah kitchen cabinet tu.

We asked quotation for the whole interior of the house except bathrooms. Still not make up our minds yet nak pasang flooring kat seluruh lantai rumah atau tak tapi yang pastinya upstairs memang nak ganti semua. So ask for the quotation dulu, and kalau rasa2 ok n cukup bajet nak pasang for the whole house proceed je la. Kalau tak nak, boleh cancel mana2 area yang tak nak tu.

Laminated floor is to be installed last sekali...bila contractor n wireman dah settle semua kerja including fixing, painting, installing, cleaning etc etc.

Next step: Calling for the contractor and wire-man.

Will update more later.

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