Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home & Design


This is home & design-related entry. It's for our future reference.

Hmm.. we've gone for a little tour to our future house. Like i said, it's not a new house. Quite old actually. Hehe. So we're not that surprise if the house is not welcoming at all. Frankly said, there are quite a lot of things need to be done. Hmm...remodeling i would say.

The things i hate and wish i could get rid of them once n for all:

- The parquet floor on the stairs n upstairs.

- The bathroom doors, and old mangkuk tandas.

- The upstairs and kitchen windows. (Dun ask me why.haha)

- The paint of the interior.

- The old kitchen cabinet.

- Dan...... pokok mangga besar depan rumah.hahahaha..

Ok enough of those things. Hopefully we can do something about it and the concern now is the budget. We'll see how it goes later.

About the stairs....i have a few options in mind. I love these...

Sometimes people overlook the stairs but it actually can affect the look of the interior of the house. I love hardwood flooring for stairs but it's costly, so i guess laminated flooring probably the good option.

To make the ideas come to life......we gotta get creative. Huhh.. this probably the hardest part? Maybe?


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