Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre-birthday party

Sofea's birthday celebration is on 17th Oct. So now i got one week left to do all the preparations.

This is the plan so far:

1. At home party. Yes we plan to host the party our self. I feel more in control n it's just a place sofea's familiar n comfortable with.
2. A small gathering of relatives and close friends.
3. Afternoon party. Sofea normally take her nap around 11 - 12 p.m. So kalo start kul 2 above tu should be ok i guess. Harap2 she's behaving well.hehe.
4. Will go for Mickey n friends theme. dun think it's important for my 1 year baby or the's just to add a little fun n for the benefits of keepsake photos.
5. Homemade food - which means i'll cook. This is one of the major part coz i've to prepare lunch menu for the guests. I know it's gonna be quite a hard work but i simply love to cook myself. (Masakan melayu.)Kalo western ke or baking ke ape ke mmg agak fail la. Haha.
6. Finger food untuk kunyah2 n for children.
7. Beverages - i opt for sunquick drink / ribena / mineral water.
8. Cupcakes everyone! - cake, just cupcakes as i think it's less messy than cake. Can't wait to see sofea dives into the first slice of the cupcake. Harap2 takde allergy whatsoever. We've ordered the cupcake 1 week in advance.
9. Decorations - Bought Mickey birthday banner n mickey balloon for centerpiece. And some other cute stuffs even though i sendiri pun tak tau cane nak decorate sendri nanti. coz i'm not that creative. haha. i lebih concern about foods=p
10. Mickey blow-out - party favor for kids.
11. Sofea's books n toys for other kids to play.
10. Camera la of course. But i leave that to mylocx. Jgn lupa charge battery sudah.=p

Just hope everything turns out ok. I always keep in mind that baby memang unpredictable. So siap sedia jela kalo sofea get cranky/moody. I'm not a perfectionist. So i dun quite believe in a perfect party. Just trying my best to make everyone happy n wanna enjoy every moment no matter how far it is from perfect.

Nite nite. Daa..

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