Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday party (Part 1- Decoration)

Hmm..i buat simple deco je.hantam sajalah asal cantik di mato den.haha.
ok i opted for mickey mouse theme.Bukanla yg girly2 n pinky2 coz sofea pun bukan boleh enjoy sgt pun since she's just 1 year-old.So i nak the deco looks cute n babyish la kan.The color mestila bold n attractive.haha.

First of all, this is the cupcakes of the day! 'Sofea turns one!'...so yummylicious n cute!

Mickey balloon as centerpiece.

Feature wall.. (A banner n a few balloons)

Note: Sofea's high chair pun i jadikan prop jugak.haha.

To make it lively, i added some strings..but yg sedihnye xjumpe color lain except BLUE.huhu.So blue it is..

Note: i place the string tinggi2 sket kasi out of reach of small kids.Kalo sofea berdiri pun memang tak sampai.hehe.

1st birthday everyone!

Mickey blow-out (party favors utk budak2 kecik tuh.)

A cute hat with mouse ear design.

Note: It's a battle nak kasi sofea pakai even sekejap. So kena prepare ambil gambar awal2 before the guests are coming..=p

Sofea's photos..

And of course, the BALLOONS! Sofea loves em..

Note: i also prepare balloons with sticks but always keep an eye on her.takut jadi apa2 plak kan.

To be continued.............


Mama Qiestina said...

eeeeeeeeeee sgt tantekkk deco pawtay sofea tuuu :)

besh kan buat bufday anak ni.kita mak ayah yg lelebih.hahaha

btw sofea muda 1 bln je ngan qies..geng sebaya ni.

ai add link u eh :)

Wizza said...

hello mummy sofea =)

happy bday sofea!

asna cute said...

Sooooooo cute anak akak!. Im waiting for my turn. Insyallah one day =) amin.

Yummy cupcakes!

mommysofea said...

mama qiestina: thanx dear..

deco party qies pun cantik..suke idea photo clothline tu.hehe.
a ah..sofea n qies bole jadi geng sebaya kan..so cute=)

mommysofea said...

wizza: thanx dear=))

asna cute: thanx=)Insyaallah u pun akan dpt baby yg cute mute nanti.Amin.