Tuesday, June 9, 2009

june 10..;)


today is my born day.hehe.thanx for all the wishes guyz!

em sangat happy sebab dapat hp baru given by mylocx.thanx babe!!!!mmuah.haha.

oh and he got what he craved for. Yesterday he finally bought DSLR camera.Canon EOS500D.

dun ask me about the features whatsoever.kindda *lembs* sket bab2 latest technology ni.
Not a gadget person aku ni.haha. I will later learn from him la sikit2. Let him finish studying apa yg patut.

Looks like it becomes his new obsession now. Jangan sampai lupa bini sudah.ahakz.

Tak bestnya..cuti tinggal lagi berapa hari je.huhu.

khusyuk dgn user guide dia..;p...*i pun turut menyibukkan diri*
macam menarik pula picture angle ni kan?*wink*wink*


Wan 2 juz,cik CT wan kembang said...

oh dear...happy besday yup!may the blessing of ALLAH alwiz b upon u...
i pon bkn gadget pny org....hehe..sma la kte kn...

DiDa BumBLeBee said...

happy birthday efa! semoga sehat2 selalu...

effa said...