Monday, September 6, 2010

When she bites.....

Ok at first i thought it's weaning time.

But when i did some researches, i think i'm wrong!

If the baby is nursing properly, then we should not feel teeth, even if she has a mouthful of them. And it's physically impossible for baby to nurse and bite at the same time, because the tongue covers the bottom teeth/gum when baby is nursing.

So now, since sofea pun dah pandai try2 to bite, i think it's just teething. Dia dok syok nak experiment gigi dia tu.Haha.But to be honest, it HURTS!

I yelled out in pain a few times. Tapi bila tengok dia tersengih-sengih je lepas tu i rasa she's simply like to see my reaction. So based on suggestions i read, i always try my best to stay calm (tahan sakit ye)n simply stop the nursing session for a bit. If the 2nd time pun dia gigit juga, hmm i make a conclusion that she's not that hungry/may be in discomfort/feeling distracted.So terpaksa try and error la trying to figure out the reason. Ala, tapi bila jadi camtu, usually i opt for formula milk instead. Kalau dah swelling tu, no choice. Either BF or pumping session.

Sometimes, i gently pinch her nose closed to get her to open her mouth. Haha. Not that i'm cruel. It's a tip which i read online. It works although it hurts a bit.Huhu.

Looking at her pattern, she doesn't bite when she's BF during sleeping.(unconsciously). So i cuba juga BF masa dia tidur2 ayam tu..=p.

Bukan apa, many people think that when baby gets teeth and has the ability to bite, then the nursing relationship has ended. I pun mula2 ingat it's time to wean kot. But it's not necessarily true. Kalau the prediction is true then it's fine, but what if it's wrong? Kan dah rugi. Tapi lagi rugi kalau baby kena nursing strike due to mommy's strong reaction to her bite. Hmm that's y i skang cuba untuk tahan juga bila kena gigit tu even sakitnya kdg2 ya ampun!=p

So okla..talking about nursing strike, here are some info for sharing:

Sometimes the cause of a nursing strike is obvious, but other times the mother may never discover the reason. Some common causes for a baby to refuse to nurse include:

  • mouth pain from teething, an injury, a cold sore, or a fungus infection, such as thrush,
  • an ear infection, which may cause pressure or pain while nursing,
  • pain while being held in the nursing position, perhaps due to an immunization or an injury,
  • a cold or stuffy nose that makes breathing difficult while nursing,
  • too many bottles, overuse of a pacifier, or frequent thumbsucking, which >may lead to a reduced milk supply,
  • regular distractions and interruptions while nursing,
  • an unusually long separation from mother.

There may be situations or actions on the mother's part that contribute to a baby's refusal to nurse:

  • a strong reaction to a baby's bite,
  • a major change in routine, such as moving or traveling,
  • limiting and/or rigidly scheduling feedings,
  • talking in a loud voice or arguing with other family members while nursing,
  • overstimulation, stress, or tension from an overly full schedule or an upset in the home,
  • repeatedly putting off the baby when she wants to nurse or letting her cry.


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