Friday, May 21, 2010

Reuse and reduce now!!

Eco by Tupperware:
-made with safe, non-toxic material
-premium quality and durable-last a lifetime.

Instead of buying PET bottle( botol2 bese air mineral tu) , better kita guna Eco bottle ni. boleh reuse and reduce pembuangan botol dan pembaziran wang. Air botol PET hanya sesuai dgunakan sekali aje. Train our children to bring their own bottle everyday to school.

So what're u waiting for?Grab now!

One set (lime and blue eco bottles) is RM49.80. dapat FREE bottle brush lagi. and kalau nak tambah bottle strap, add extra RM4.90. sangat berbaloi!

Hot item this month.
Purchase 2 sets (4 bottles) u'll get a FREE gift.
and kalau nak yg lebih trendy for your kids, u can get this one.

Back to school set (sports bottle, lunch box n spoon) ..Now RM42.90
and with every purchase of the school set, u can get the school bag with only RM17.90 nett !

Cheerful memories
Botol air RM36.90 and 4 snack cups berharga RM25.60 but if u buy both u can enjoy a discount !
Buy both (bottle and 4 snack cups) with only RM52.90!

Another hot item !
dapatkan lunch set with a gorgeous looking tote!
All with only RM69.90 ! (tote, reheatable lunch box, soup mug and cutlery set)

Masih tak puas hati?
hmm if you want cheaper price, join as a member now!

Join as a member with purchase of RM150 above and get a special FREE gift (while stocks last)!!

p/s: If you are very sure of purchasing any items, please email me at or sms me (effa-o176706285).