Thursday, March 11, 2010

red sign??

oh my my..

This is my first menstruation after childbirth.

patutla rasa lain macam je semalam...pening la..sakit2 badan la..ngantukla..sumerla..

i read that menstruation after pregnancy is unpredictable and can differ from woman to woman and it changes monthly in the same woman.

After child birth ovulation and menstruation need not happen together. You may have your period without ovulation or may ovulate and then get your first period shortly after. Banyak ibu2 tak tau pun they're are ovulating and get caught out falling pregnant!..Senang citer, pregnancy and child birth can bring changes in menstrual cycle.Kalau menstruation returns pun, it can be very irregular. It'll become more normal and regular once the body is healed and the uterus returns to its normal size and starts functioning quite normally.

So, over time, as everything else, menstruation after birth will return to normalcy..;)

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